About Creative Grimoire

Creative Grimoire is a creativity resource I’ve put together from my own research, experiments, and imagination, all of which have taken extensive effort, driven by an obsessive, lifelong pursuit to understand why and how the mind formulates useful or profound ideas.

    • How can a person have more of these ideas?
    • What does it take to bring ideas into the world?
    • What are the optimal ways to practice one’s chosen craft?
    • How can a person cultivate improvisational creativity?

These are questions that have a surprising amount of good answers that have been practiced by artists and innovators and studied by scientists. It’s a topic that stimulates a deep fascination.

I’ve kept extensive records of my research and my own experience over decades. I realized, at some point, that I could put together a pretty damn good book just from what I’ve already written on the topic. But I decided to start with this site.

So here we are.


I think it’s important in both the cultivation of creativity and the hands-on practice of any craft to use a variety of exercises. I read quite a few books on the topic of creativity without ever seeing an improvement. That’s because knowing how to be more creative is not the same as “doing creativity.” Creativity is a practice.

So this site will have a lot of such exercises. Things you can take a few minutes to try.

These are things currently working for me, and I hope they work for others.

Some focus on guitar, music, and writing–but read anyway!

There’s going to be a focus on guitar, music, and writing, because those are my chosen art forms, but I hope (and believe) that many of these ideas will help people in any creative endeavor.