Official Release of the Halloween Music Compilation: Frightful Refrains

A few months ago, my friend Andy Firkus (aka Firkenstein) asked me to contribute music to a compilation album of creepy Halloween music.

The approach I took was to write a short story to use as a framework to create a soundscape and score that would play over that story. The story quickly took a life of its own, and I’m now it’s available on Amazon.

I’m working on a full album to score the story. In the meantime, two of the songs now appear on the Frightful Refrains compilation, out today! They appear under my moniker Inhuman Genome.

I’m only now hearing much of the music Andy brought together, and it’s incredible. It includes 30 artists and 34 songs spanning many genres, all brought together by their common theme: Halloween.

Listen to the album here:

Listening party

We had a live album listening party on October 6th. It’s recorded, and you can listen to it at J360 Radio.

Tracks and artists

Scream Queen – Jetfire Prime
Vandalized Memory – Firkenstein
They’re Coming To Get You – VHS Nightmares
Leave Something Witchy – Claytronic
A Campfire Story – Cakehead
Zombie Shuffle – Aerowolf
Suicide Squats feat. The Liar Choir – Black Snow On Christmas
Baying For Blood – Daniel Adam
The Queen Mary – Claytronic
Tale Of The Eternal Sea: Invitation – Inhuman Genome
VZK.INST.O.22 – Washed Inc
I wanna eat your brain – Firkenstein
I GOT(T)A ROCK – Ryan J. Smith
Trick or Treat – LXNR & Kawakuro
The Haunting of Spooky Manor – Neon Sweatsuit
Coffin Up – Graeme Thurman
Cecaelia – Myths and Monsters
From Shadows – Claudia Blackstar
Dark Side – Sign Of Crows & Star Madman
Ash Spirit – Night Sky Body
Backrooms – Fictional Universe
Tales Of The Eternal Sea: The Stranding – Inhuman Genome
Past The Periphery – Firkenstein
Little Green Men – Inside The Albatross Factory
Tenebris Intus – Spaceforce
Open The Hell Gates – Sinitus Tempo
Table For Two – Stric9vision
A Cold Hand – Vulgate Empress
Haunt Me – Summer Of Moons
Let Go Feat. Firkenstein – Ana Oaks
Mirage – Claudia Blackstar
The Night Stalker – Daniel Adam
The Starmakr – dozibrion

Executive Producer – Firkenstein