Novelists: Weave together a complex storyline using this strategy in Scrivener (free Scrivener template included)

Writing a Novel

This strategy can be easily adapted to other software. If you do use Scrivener, I’ve created a downloadable Scrivener template for convenience. The problem of complexity If you ever have a difficult time managing the threads of your plots and subplots, this strategy may help you. It can also help to bring lackluster characters to … Read more

Speculative & historical fiction writing: the difficulty of getting into the minds of our characters

Speculative Fiction Difficulty

For those of us exploring past, future, or speculative worlds, we often go to great lengths to avoid physical anachronisms like cell phones in the wild west, but we don’t often consider philosophical or ideological anachronisms. I find doing so gives me great insight into the human condition I may not have discovered otherwise. More importantly, it strengthens and deepens my characters. Read more