Official Release: The Mythos Cycle by Dane Clark Collins

About The Mythos Cycle

A mythic adventure through madness and transcendence. A mind lost in the lonely outer reaches of consciousness.

A frail old man, tortured by grief and delusion, is dying a pitiful and horrifying death, and he is utterly alone. How has it come to this?

Scars and bleeding wounds in the shapes of magical symbols mark the length of his body—wards against the demon that chases him. He can run no longer, and the demon’s grip tightens.

In his final breaths, he must travel back through his quickly fading memories to discover the source of his torment. If he can remember the moment he let the demon in, perhaps he can find some clue to escape it and the damnation it portends.

But the closer he gets to that memory, the harder the demon fights, and the more his mind slips from him. He is running out of time.


The Mythos Cycle was written in pieces over quite a few years. The first piece was written in 1995. The true story is that I was going through one of my notebooks and came across several pages of my own handwriting…but I had no memory of writing it. The story was strange and haunting, and it disturbed and fascinated me. It was the story of a young man discovering a portal through which he could see and experience the final moments of his lonely and tormented life. Or was he the old man, remembering when he was young and experiencing a vision of his future?

Over the course of a couple of decades, I integrated several other experiences into what I came to consider a psychedelic memoir, with great liberties taken in order to change it from a story of exactly what happened into a story of what it all meant and what I learned from it.